Skin Biology, Bottled

Smart Barrier System

Skin Biology, Bottled

A System For All

Just Barrier strengthening? That was yesterday.

Welcome to the future of skin health with our revolutionary SMART BARRIER SYSTEM.

It first opens the skin barrier, in order to then deposit active ingredients more deeply and finishes with sealing the skin barrier again. What's so new and different about it? It is a groundbreaking 3-part system that is highly effective and borrowed from modern cell research. It takes advantage of skin biology and puts the previously known functions and paradigms of cosmetics into the shadows, as they can only act on a superficial level.

"Innovative Skincare Made in Germany"

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    PART I

    Open Skin Barrier



    Deposit Active Ingredients



    Seal Skin Barrier


Revolutionary & Contemporary

The 'cleansing miracle': Our Unlocking Balm not only effectively cleanses the skin of make-up, dirt particles and environmental pollutants, but also opens the skin barrier through a special combination of glycolipids and phospholipids. This in turn allows our patented DermaVector®️-Technology active ingredients in PART II to be deposited into the skin even deeper and thus renew the skin from the inside out. A completely new Smart Cleansing concept that goes far beyond the average cleansing process


Unlocking Balm


Unlocking Balm


Skin feels so good. Be careful, it's addictive!

Marianne W

Love it

Brianna M

Great oil and lasts a long time for me

Laura H

Perfect after shaving. Positively surprised

Andrew B

My skin is much softer than before. And that during winter :)

Annette S

Add-on products

Tailored to Individual Skin Conditions

PART II can be expanded on with a detox serum or an overnight peel mask if necessary. Individually adaptable to current skin needs.

Mask to Reveal
Mask to Reveal
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Poise & Purity
Poise & Purity
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Doctorate in Pharmacy & Founder

One-on-One with Dr. H

'How to transfer cell biology into a bottle? With passion and years of research.'

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Real people. Real skin. Fully customizable.

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