The Essential Male Routine

The Essential Male Routine

The perfect routine for men's skin


by Dr. Huong Nguyen | Editor: Dr. Sabine Nunius | June 1, 2022


Men's skin loves care

Does men's skin need care? Yes, definitely! Does men's skin need exactly the same care as women's skin? No not really. Because: As a man, your skin has a different structure and, for example, naturally has more fats. For once, however, this is good news. In this case, you can use the natural condition of your skin to put together a care routine that really deserves the title “clean & lean”.



With our Essential Male Routine, we have created a basic package for you that provides your skin with everything it needs - without unnecessary frills and complicated procedures. If you would like to treat yourself and your skin to one or two special treats: adding and expanding is of course possible and permitted at any time!

Fact of the day

As a man, your skin has a different structure and, for example, naturally has more oils. That's why men's skin copes well with less lipid-rich care.

Your essential routine

Step 1: Cleanse your skin as usual - especially in the morning

Usually clear water.

Step 2:

Vivid H2O – a serum with a super light consistency and cell-regenerating and moisturizing effects. It promotes the renewal of your skin and supports collagen restructuring. Your plus: noticeably more strength and energy.

Step 3 (2x/week):

Add Mask to Reveal to your routine: Our leave-on peeling mask frees your skin of old cells, gives you a fresh look and is the ideal care supplement, especially for those with beards. With its active ingredients, it keeps hairy skin soft and supple and thus ensures perfect shaving results.

Optional add-on: Step 4

Is your skin sometimes drier or starting to feel tight due to increased cell renewal? If necessary, treat her to 1 to 2 drops of Liquid Barrier at the end. Our special facial oil supplies your skin with essential lipids and thus strengthens its resistance and vitality.

Post-shave routine? Poise & Purity - and that's it!

After shaving, is your skin red and irritated or do you suffer from razor burn? Then Poise & Purity is just right for you to complete the optimal care. This deeply effective serum soothes shaved and irritated skin and ensures a pleasant skin feeling. Ideally, you should avoid using an aftershave afterwards. This has only a very slight calming and anti-inflammatory effect and often dries out your skin due to the high alcohol content. In other words: Put your alcohol-infused aftershave aside (forever) and you'll be ready to start the day quickly and easily!

If you still want a little more care, simply apply Vivid H2O as additional care if necessary!

Have fun discovering, experimenting and fine-tuning your routine!