We're called TEN TWELVE, and unfortunately it's already ten to twelve (or sometimes after twelve...) for our planet. Sustainability, environmental protection and careful use of natural resources are therefore an integral part of our brand DNA. We always act and make decisions throughout our entire product cycle with an unwavering and consistent awareness of sustainability. With effective efforts to protect the climate and preserve our environment.

Interdisciplinary & Hands-on

Our Initiatives & Collaborations

Since we as a brand see ourselves as innovation drivers at the intersection with science, we are an active participant in leading innovative sustainability initiatives. This means we are always up to date and can meet our claim to be innovative in this area too.

Our project: an interdisciplinary exchange program on the subject of plastics research that we initiated.

Our partner: The leading German special research project in the field, the innovative SFB Microplastics (location: Bayreuth).

The goal: to act in an environmentally friendly way for our planet, oceans and resources and to find progressive, sustainable packaging solutions. Our shared vision: a comprehensive circular economy in the area of ​​plastics. Because with TEN TWELVE we don't make any compromises - we go one step further every day.

More about the TEN TWELVE initiative on the topic of microplastics and the current state of research:


(illustration shown: experiment with fluorescently marked plastic particles to determine their behavior in water )

Everyone should be interested in what goes on their skin. Because the skin is not only the largest organ, but also transmits signals to other organs. Anyone who is interested in INCIs knows that cosmetics do not always contain what is claimed. We take the topic seriously. And have a clean policy.

For us, responsible use of our resources begins with the procurement of raw materials. We are consistent here and trace the origin of all ingredients down to the last detail. So we can say with a clear conscience:

All our raw materials

  • come from sustainably and ethically produced sources

  • are vegan and

  • produced without animal testing.


TEN TWELVE's self-image and concept include focusing on what is demonstrably good for the skin, body, health and environment. Selected raw and active ingredients are part of this concept.

TEN TWELVE therefore consistently avoids petrochemically and synthetically modified raw materials. Our high-quality care contains:

  • no silicones - they are made using petroleum components and are difficult to biodegrade
  • no petroleum-based mineral oils, paraffins and petrolatum - they weaken the skin barrier in the long term and are also slowly broken down biologically
  • no conventional preservatives such as parabens - although no harmful effect has been proven, we believe that there are more modern and reliable preservatives that are also used in our skincare range
  • no PEG's - although these synthetic emulsifiers have good water solubility, they are only broken down to a limited extent in nature
  • no artificial gelling agents based on acrylic - these are also water-soluble, but are difficult to break down
  • no conventional heavy metal agents such as EDTA - they capture physiological trace elements that are valuable for the skin and are difficult to biodegrade

Our packaging is not only high-quality and beautiful, but also developed in an environmentally conscious manner. When selecting the materials used, we pay particular attention to the use of mono materials. Made from a uniform material, they do not contain any mixtures that have to be separated during recycling. This increases recycling efficiency.

  • Our bottles are made of soda lime glass - because glass materials are generally highly recyclable.
  • The pump systems of our bottles are made from the recycling-efficient mono-material polypropylene.
  • For our folding boxes, we only work with FSC-certified printing companies, who also ensure the sustainable quality of the printing inks (made from soybean oil).