It's time for more impact with less effort! With maximum effectiveness, minimalist products and transparent and sustainable quality, TEN TWELVE ushers in a new era of skincare. Skin biology bottled, enhanced via SMART BARRIER SYSTEM. The result: optimally stimulated skin and a radiant complexion.

A second skin for your skin

Skin Biology, bottled

Instead of using chemistry to create maximum texture manipulation of the skin's surface and sensory properties to create purchasing incentives, TEN TWELVE takes a different approach: We start from the biological nature of the skin and 'recreate' it. This is “Skin Biology, bottled”.

The TEN TWELVE Formula

The Best of Less

We completely avoid pure skin manipulators and “fillers”. Our products only contain active ingredients that are bioidentical to the skin. These activate the skin from deep down and can be metabolized independently and completely by the body.

Our ingredients are summarized in 10 functional ingredient and 2 active ingredient clusters. They form the basis of all our formulations and our brand name TEN TWELVE.

360° approach to sustainable skin health

Clean, lean & transparent

“Clean, lean & transparent” is our credo. Everything we do is based on a life cycle - from the raw materials to recyclability. So awareness not only for the skin, but also for the environment.


Inside the Science Studio

One-on-One with Dr. H

“A series of skincare that ‘manipulates’ skin biology in a positive way? For me, the logical consequence of research experience and a new awareness of health.”