Breath - Balance - Beauty

Breath - Balance - Beauty

How to find inner balance and outer glow through breathing


by Dr. Huong Nguyen | Editor: Dr. Sabine Nunius | March 10, 2022

I've always had a lot of energy. Sometimes even too much of it. As a teenager, my mother sent me to singing lessons in the hope that it would curb my restless energy and transform it into creative potential. It didn't work out with my great artistic career, but given my singing talent that was perhaps a good thing. What my singing teacher was really able to give me was what a strengthening power there is in our breath.

I made the same observation years later in a completely different setting: while doing yoga. After a “moving meditation” – combining movement with my own breathing rhythm – I always felt full of energy and self-affirmation. This worked even when I was previously restless and stressed or tired and worn out.

The fascinating thing about it: This effect not only exists in my personal perception, but is based on scientifically proven biological connections.

Fact of the day

Our breath is closely linked to our autonomic nervous system . Through our breathing we can actually influence how our nervous system reacts. A method that is as simple as it is ingenious .


There is now a lot of research data on yoga and its positive effects on our nervous system. Breathing almost always plays an important role. This is because our breath is closely connected to our autonomic nervous system.


You have probably experienced this interaction between breathing and the nervous system many times in your everyday life. When we are stressed and tense, we tend to breathe quickly and shallowly. Does that seem too theoretical to you? Then the next time you feel rushed or tense, bring your attention to your breathing. You will almost certainly find that this exact rapid, shallow breathing pattern has occurred unconsciously.


On the other hand, if we feel calm and relaxed, our breathing deepens and slows down. You are certainly familiar with this situation too. You will probably also notice that breathing no longer only takes place in the chest area, but goes deep into the stomach. I personally use this “rest breathing pattern” regularly to center myself and recharge my batteries with positive energy.


As a fan of “clean & lean”, I would like to share a short exercise for everyday life with you today – along with an invitation to try it out for yourself. Who knows, maybe I can infect you with my enthusiasm for “Balance Through Breath”! It goes without saying that you can also reduce stress, do something good for your immune system, strengthen your overall health and give your skin glow and resilience! :-).


It almost sounds too simple: In extremely stressful situations, it often helps to simply sigh deeply two or three times. This certainly doesn't magically make all your problems go away from one moment to the next. Nevertheless, regular micro-breaks can work wonders in the long term. Because it allows us to pause for a moment, center ourselves and activate energy.


Would you like to enhance this effect even further? These two tricks will help:

- Inhale through your nose while pulling your shoulders up as far as possible.

- Then breathe out deeply through your mouth and let all the weight that you feel is on you sink. Additionally, you can of course drop your jaw and open your mouth wide. Don't think too much about what it might look like - just try it out ;).

If, for example, the image of a terribly heavy trekking backpack comes to mind - all the better! Additionally, use your imagination and take off your mental backpack at the same time.

sequel follows

I look forward to deepening my knowledge of breathing with you in further stories! Until then, I wish you “happy sighs”!