In-house Research & Development

With scientific know-how, Dr. Huong Nguyen develops TEN TWELVE's formulas in-house in our laboratory at the Medical Valley Center, a top medical technology cluster recognized by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education.

Surrounded by scientific exchange and research innovations, we do pioneering work in cell-based skin technology.

The Science Atelier

The concept and development of new formulas by Dr. Huong Nguyen - starting with the basis of the recipe through to its active ingredient portfolio

The Science Atelier

Performance, convincing sensory technology, minimalism: combining the art, science, texture and sustainability in one product.

DEEP DIVE for the skin

From Insulin Research to Skincare

Our skincare was born from the idea of ​​making insulin available to the body through the skin: We used scientific findings from insulin research and optimized them for skincare. The result of the collaboration with the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is a revolutionary, patented carrier system, the DermaVector®-Technology - the central component of our SMART BARRIER SYSTEM. For a transformative deep effect on the skin.