Winter Skin, Summer Skin (II)

Winter Skin, Summer Skin (II)

Part II: Everything your skin needs in summer!


by Dr. Huong Nguyen | Editor: Dr. Sabine Nunius | March 22, 2022



Time of Transition: the jump from winter to summer routine

We clarified the question of ideal winter care in our previous story. But what about the other seasons and especially the change between routines? To make the transition easier for your skin, I recommend the following:

• Slowly reduce the rich fats in your winter routine - with Liquid Barrier, for example, maybe 1 drop is now enough instead of 3. Attention: This point varies from person to person. If you feel that your skin still needs more, you can of course adjust this dose accordingly at any time.

• Plan your final peeling treatments now – they make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation and are therefore better suited for winter.

Fact of the day

When the warmer months finally arrive, one thing is particularly important when it comes to care: protection from the sun and therefore also from free radicals, which are increasingly formed by UV radiation.

Radiantly beautiful summer skin – UV protection and defense against free radicals


In the warm summer months, one thing is particularly important: protection from the sun and therefore also from free radicals, which are increasingly formed by UV radiation. This important point can be effectively integrated into your summer routine with a few simple tricks:

• Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, astaxanthin (carotenoid), green tea extract or frankincense extract offer effective protection against free radicals.

• You should now incorporate these antioxidant building blocks into your morning routine every day (if they weren't already included in your routine). Here's a little sneak preview: the re-launch for our vitamin C serum, Glacial Radiance, is coming up this year

• An absolute must-have when it comes to “enjoying the sun’s rays”: sun protection! SPF 20 - 30 should be an indispensable part of your morning care routine in summer. This protects your skin from immediate damage and at the same time prevents skin aging. Because: The so-called photoaging is one of the main factors that causes our skin to age (even prematurely).

Sun protection - apply it thickly!

In reality, the sun protection stated on the package is only achieved if sufficient amounts are actually applied to your skin. According to the manufacturer, at least 2 mg per square centimeter of skin is usually required for this. That would make everything clear, right??!

To make the whole thing clear and practically applicable, the following trick helps: Mentally divide your body into 9 areas: head, chest, back, arms, upper and lower legs. For each of these areas you will need about two finger lengths (the length of your index and middle fingers) of sunscreen. This means: We need about 2 generous finger lengths of sunscreen for the face, neck, upper décolleté and back of the hand.

You've probably now noticed that you generally use significantly less day cream with a sun protection factor - which is why it often doesn't provide enough sun protection. I therefore recommend that you use a normal cream and a separate sunscreen with SPF ≥ 20.

sequel follows

There are still many exciting details about sun protection - and summer is my happy season. Reason enough for a continuation in the following stories! Until then, 'happy daily sunscreening' to you!