Wie trage ich Öle richtig auf?

How do I apply oils correctly?

(Order) technology is everything!


by Dr. Huong Nguyen | Editor: Dr. Sabine Nunius | June 2, 2022

The application technique is just as important as the correct dosage of oil. Because this also determines how much oil ends up on your skin!

If you use Liquid Barrier, the best way to use it is as follows:

• Shake the bottle and warm it between your palms for a few seconds

• then take the number of drops that suits you

• Rub your hands together lightly, distributing the oil evenly across both palms

• Now apply the oil by pressing the entire palm of your hand onto your entire face with gentle pressure.

Wait a moment and feel: You will notice that Liquid Barrier is absorbed immediately thanks to its special formulation and leaves no oil film on your skin at all. So no sticky, shiny face that you have to powder over again, but skin that is immediately ready to go!

Your routine

At the very end, a few words about the order and the question of what you should use when and in which combination. From my conversations with clients, I know that there are many different explanations and recommendations circulating about this. I personally like minimal effort with maximum effect. I therefore recommend the following steps:

1. Clean your face as usual and prepare the skin for the treatment. Cleansing with pure water in the morning is absolutely sufficient, provided your skin is not excessively oily.

2. Your skin is now maximally receptive to active ingredients. So ideally apply a serum NOW: Vivid H2O or Poise & Purity.


3. Complete your routine by sealing your skin again with an oil for optimal protection. Liquid Barrier is perfect for this.

With this standard routine you are well prepared for everyday life. Of course, you can expand it at any time and, for example, add a peeling like Mask to Reveal - depending on what your skin needs at the moment. The products that I developed for TEN TWELVE are coordinated in their effects. When you combine them together, you ensure that you benefit from the maximum effect and that your skin is provided with everything it needs to stay healthy, strong and beautiful.

Have fun finding the oil dose and, above all, the “yeah, got it” feeling when you have found exactly the right dose for you!