Dein ReGlow System für 2024!

Your ReGlow routine for 2024!

Say goodbye to dry and dull winter skin


by Dr. Huong Nguyen | Editor: Dr. Sabine Nunius | 12/21/2023

Winter time: Hard work for your skin

Your skin has to endure a lot in winter. Outside there are cold temperatures with low humidity in the air. Indoors, the warm heated air has an even lower relative humidity. This warm, very dry air causes your skin to lose more moisture to the surrounding air. This can make it very dry - a condition you are probably familiar with. Particularly pronounced and clearly visible, for example, on the lips, which easily become cracked and brittle in winter.

If your skin is already dry, the cold causes your skin metabolism to slow down and sebum production to be reduced. This further reduces the fat content and increases the dryness of the skin.

When it's dry, it's harder for old skin cells to shed off. These old skin cells are exactly the reason why dry skin becomes rough and looks dull. The rougher surface reflects light less well and gives you a pale, tired complexion. There is also an unpleasant feeling of tension.

Winter can rob your skin of its natural glow! So what to do?

Below I have some tips for you to get through the cold season smoothly:

• Increase indoor humidity

• Adapted care: It is important to increase the fat content of the care in winter, especially with phytosterol-rich butters (shea butter, cupuaçu butter) and omega-rich lipids (e.g. kukui nut, kahai, rose hips, or evening primrose oil).

• Peeling treatments


Peeling treatments are particularly suitable in the dark seasons, as peeling can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. The winter months are the ideal time of year to give your skin a renewal boost.

Recommendation: Our Mask to Reveal, a mild peeling mask with mandelic acid and gluconolactone, can be used daily in the evening for up to two weeks. It is best suited for normal, mature, oily or inflamed skin.


We help you give your skin a fresh glow even in winter! With each of our serums, we give you a sustainable cleaning pad made of 75% bamboo fiber and 25% lyocell, which you can simply wash out after use or clean in the washing machine and use again and again.

The soft cleansing pad offers you super-soft cleansing with a gentle peeling effect and stimulates your blood circulation and lymph. With the activating short massage you stimulate your skin metabolism in a very pleasant way and remove old skin cells at the same time. Ideal for the daily evening cleansing step!

Here's how it works

1. Completely wet the cleaning pad.


2. Cleanse your face with a cleanser.

3. Remove the cleansing product with the cleansing pad and warm water and gently massage your skin with the cleansing pad.

4. Enjoy the gentle massage.

5. Wash out the cleaning pad.

With nourishing care as a base that provides you with sufficient lipids and moisture, you can say goodbye to dull winter skin and enter the new year with refreshed skin!